Tuesday, October 16, 2018

10/16/2018 Stop #41 Grand Canyon at Trailer Village

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Tim and Linda Bunyan

We have arrived at our Grand Canyon destination after waking to overnight snow at our RV space in Flagstaff.  

 We cleared our windshield and drove up the Highway from Flagstaff to the Southeast entrance to the Grand Canyon!

We drove up from there to the necessary elevation to reach a whiteout weather system that ruled over our goal of standing on the edge of the Canyon on our first day! 

 We spent some valuable time at the Visitor's Center and drove by Architect Mary Colter's 70' Desert View Watchtower to settle into our Grand RV site at the Grand Canyon's Trailer Village.

We are celebrating our 28th Wedding Anniversary at the GRAND Canyon.  We have strolled Bright Angel Trail, explored the depths of those that came before us to the Grand Canyon, and we chose the Grand Tovar Lodge for our anniversary evening.

We have a convenient Shuttle Service just across the street from our RV space in Trailer Village.  
The steps to the Landmark El Tovar Hotel

 Inside the lobby area of this National Grand Lodge

OK, the South Ridge of the Grand Canyon thru the eye of an I-Phone
 Pretty amazing...………."blows my hair back!"
 Sitting on the ledge, sure glad it is there.
 Now standing on edge.....an no rail or wall!!!!


A River Runs Thru It.

 It IS awesome!
 This is a good thing!
 Final, Final pic of the Grand.!

The Railroad brought the first tourists to this Grand location.  It was the train between Chicago, Illinois, and Los Angeles, California.  The Grand Canyon Railway is owned and operated by Xanterra Parks and Resorts.  

 The train arrives Grand Canyon Depot, daily, from Williama, Arizona.

For adventure, it is unique to ride a mule to go deep into the canyon and stay overnight at Phantom Ranch.

 Photo of Trail down to the bottom of the Canyon

Lovely National Park Visitor's Center
 All come for the view!

Mary Colter built this Lookout Studio now a National Historic Landmark where visitors can go inside and view the canyon from the back deck.

 Tim is getting our National Park Passport stamped!


Phantom granite rock sample as we walk the Trail of Time.  As we walked this 3-mile trail, each meter signifies one million years of geologic history.

Mary Coulter Art Museum building.
 It is time to move on to Sacramento (thru Rancho Mirage to visit brother Mike and Paul) to arrive for our daughter, Angela, birthday.  We look forward to spending about 3 months in California to visit with our two (grown) children, our grandson, Jeffrey, and all our family for the 2018 Christmas holiday season!

Heading WEST!

Monday, October 8, 2018

10/8/2018 Stop #38 Albuquerque, New Mexico HOT AIR BALLOON FIESTA

From: casarollnotes.blogspot.com 
Tim and Linda Bunyan

The Road to the 'Fiesta in the Sky' in Albuquerque, New Mexico, heading West from Bentonville, Arkansas on Route 66!  This historic highway is a remnant of the past love of highway pavement laid down in 1926 to ensure the safe travel to Americans that yearned to be a part of the modern transportation expansion.

Our westward movement along the "Main Street of America" included overnights at
Stroud Service Area Rest Stop, McClellan Creek National Grassland, and Santa Rosa Campground & RV Park.

Arriving the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta in New Mexico, we connected with the Escapees RV Club, one of the oldest and largest RV clubs in the world.  The group welcomed us to their space which offered us a RV space and convenient shuttle service to and from the Fiesta grounds. 

Through the Escapees Club, we also met Tiger Paw Express Hot Air Balloon Pilots from Missouri.  Tim and I volunteered to Crew!  It was quite the experience, being novices, we willfully got up at 5:00a.m. to help launch their balloon.  

It was our job to hold the bottom opening of the balloon while a forceful fan speed inflated the balloon on the ground.  

Officials named: "Zebras"  give the signal for each balloonist to take off.
A burst of propane elongates the balloon, Tiger Paw Express, into the air.  

We jumped into the Chase Car to meet up with the balloon as it landed safely into a parking lot a few miles from the launch field.  

Now veterans, we have now attained the title: "Chasers' Club".

SYC Members, Pauli Ayers, and Chris Weidinger drove from Sacramento to visit Santa Fe and to Albuquerque to attend the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta. 
Pauli and Chris took the time to come for lunch at our RV.  They stayed at the Marriott across with street and got some really good views!

Dawn to Dusk Balloon Events   

Many families attend the Albuquerque Hot Air Balloon Fiesta.  Children are eager to collect Balloon Trading Cards.

"Special Shapes" balloons capture the imaginations of all.

When inflated, these balloons seem to become alive. 

Crowds cheer and Dancers are part of the entertainment throughout the Fiesta.

 Launching Field

This week is captured in 100 photos; this blog narrows to highlights with only a dozen.
Captivating and exhilarating to say the least.  This is a Travel Stop we highly recommend.

We are on our way home to Sacramento; the next stop is The Grand Canyon.  GRAND!